Dog in the Parkl

A Safer Way to Play

Have you ever worried whether that other dog at the public dog park has all its shots? Worry no more - at Whoof, all members will submit proof of yearly vaccinations. Plus, with daily grounds maintenance, you can rest assured that the facility is clean and the grounds are patrolled for a safer place for your dog to play. Discounts on membership packages will be provided for pups that complete an initial training class at the park!


Organized Play

Have you shied away from the public dog park because your dog is older or more timid?  Have you shied away from the public dog park because it is just too cold out? Shy away no longer! At Whoof, we understand that all dogs are in need of socialization. We are working on an app that will help members organize into play groups that align with your dog's age or temperment.  And don't worry about the cold - we are working on finding a location for an indoor play facility as well!

Eating Out

Owners Play, too!

Have you ever thought when going to the local dog park, that it would be great to sit down and have a bite to eat, or a beer or a glass of wine, while your dog plays with his friends? Well now you can! Whoof will partner with local companies and food truck vendors to provide a rotating selection of food choices. You will love coming to Whoof just as much as your pup does!

Woman has yoga practice at home but dog

Exercise for you and your dog?

We are all for owners getting exercise as much as their pups! Whoof is planning to offer unique exercise classes, where members will be able to sign up for doga classes, bark and barre, and more. And for those members who like to run with their dog, we will have a path that circles the park that you can reserve for your very own!